Deliverone is a third-person, delivery, dogfighting game where the player needs to deliver packages quickly and safely to various customers. While transporting goods between skyscrapers in the futuristic city of Botham. The player must protect their cargo from incoming enemy fire while still living up to the customer’s extremely high delivery time expectations. (Because who in the future can afford to wait for more than a couple of minutes to receive their online orders?).

The player will have to switch between two widely different movement systems to complete the task at hand: A swift, jet-style movement to traverse the city quickly and engage in dangerous dog fights with rivaling drones, or a hovering, helicopter-like movement style to be able to carefully pick up and drop off packages. Essentially, mimicking the functionality of a VTOL-aircraft.

The player scores more points by delivering the packages in good condition and as quickly as possible. Additionally, the player can rack up bonus multipliers if they take down enemy drones in the process. If the package takes enough damage or is not delivered on time, then the player receives a “strike”. Three strikes and the game is over.


Samantha Baqvel
Lena Fredén
Roberto Marcos Söderström

Oliver Lebert
Henrik Nilsson
Jupiter Thulin

Robert Arnborg
Damian Becedas
Sean Falk

Robert Arnborg


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